The following list should give you a better idea of my background and capabilities.

If you have a requirement which isn’t listed, feel free to contact me anyway. It is possible I will have some expertise to solve your problem or am interested in increasing my expertise to meet your demands. (Hours needed for this personal research will not be billed, according to my personal code of conduct)

Bachelor Applied Informatics - Graduated with greatest distinction.

My primary development languages are C# and PHP. Additionally I also know COBOL, RPG, SQL, xHTML, AJAX, CSS, Javascript and Visual Basic.

Besides programming, I can work with Photoshop, Subversion, TFS, SQL Server, CruiseControl.NET, Team City, NUnit, IIS, Apache, Office and various other applications. Contact me if you require expertise for a different application.

I am able to develop web applications (web forms and, desktop applications, windows services, wcf services, web services and integrate them into your existing infrastructure.
If you require training on a specific subject, I am available to perform research and give training.
I can also provide feedback on architecture and give technical advice on your questions.

Take a look at my printable resume to get additional information about my capabilities.

- David Cumps