Code of Conduct

Your trust in my services is my most valuable asset. To that end, I have created a personal Code of Conduct which I follow strictly to avoid any misunderstandings.

Provide detailed records.
All performed services should be clearly documented so they immediately ring a bell when you read an invoice. No vague descriptions, but transparency.

Don’t bill unnecessary hours.
It is possible I will spend time on your project researching something I’m not specialized in, or something I find particularly interesting. These hours can be regarded as free time towards you. The project will benefit from it, and so will I.

Perform only needed work.
If there is something which would be nice to have on the project, but you did not request it, I will not simply implement it to raise the number of hours on a project. I will inform you of the idea however, so you can decide to invest additional hours in implementing said feature.

Remain objective.
When a product has to be purchased, I will give objective advise on the available choices, even if I can gain from selecting a specific one. It is important to get what’s best for you, not me.

Maintain proper documentation.
Passwords, source code, resources, information obtained during your project is your property and should be clearly documented so you don’t suffer any losses in case our relationship ends due to any unforeseen event.

Be honest.
I will always give the advice I think is best according to the information provided to me, even if this means I will make less of a profit on your project. I value our long-term collaboration more than quick short-term profit.

Stay available.
When you mail me or call me, I will do my best to respond as fast as possible, even if it only means acknowledging I got your message and will look into it at a later moment of the day.

This small set of rules provides the building blocks for integrity and trust in our relationship, which allow you to count on me for future projects.

- David Cumps